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There are multiple ways to navigate this trail mapping tool:

Cluster Each cluster on the map has a number that represents the amount of trails in that area. Click on the icon to zoom in.

To zoom in to a particular geographic area, choose a location from the drop down menu and then click “GO.”

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activity badgeTo filter by activity (either before or after zooming in) choose one or more activities and then click “GO.” When you select a single activity, only trails for that activity will show. As you select more activities, additional trails will populate.

trail popup To get to an individual trail detail page, hover over the green trail until it turns orange. Click on the trail once for a quick summary, then click on the trail title to visit the details page.

Please note that not every section of each trail is approved for all activities listed on the trail as a whole. Visit individual trail detail pages to see designated approved activities per segment.