Saganing Nature Preserve

  • Address: Locted on end of Worth rd located in Standish Twp. , Standish , Mi 48658
  • Hours: dawn to dusk

Natural or Wildlife Viewing Features:

Many of the lands we own are home to wetlands, which provide many benefits, including preserving water quality, reducing sediment entering rivers and the bay, providing a barrier to erosion along shorelines, helping with flood protection, and providing the beginning of the food chain.   

In addition to the environmental benefits of protecting coastal wetlands, the preserves provide recreational opportunities for residents and tourists. 

General purposes for the preserves are:

1.      Preserve the conservation values in a predominately natural state in perpetuity

2.      Provide a nature area that is open to the public for educational and recreational use.

3.      Eliminate or reduce as much as possible existing or future impairments to the scenic landscape and natural character.

4.      Preserve in an undisturbed state any historical or archeological features.

5.      Provide a natural home to many species of wildlife.

6.      Protect to the extent practical the diversity of plant species found at the site from invasive species and human disturbance  


Preserves are monitored by a regular visit a minimum of every 3 months by members of the conservancy board, staff or other volunteers.  It is our responsibility to ensure that the conservation purposes are achieved.  


Preserve Rules

-Open during daylight (dawn to dusk)

-No overnight camping

-No campfires/smoking

-No motorized vehicles

-No littering/dumping debris

-No disturbance or removal of vegetation except as part of a Conservancy management plan


Map Legend

  • Trail Head
  • Historical Site
  • Beach
  • Natural Feature
  • Campground
  • Park
  • Cultural Interest
  • Scenic View
  • Educational Interest
  • Visitor Center
  • Emergency Care
  • Water Access
  • Fishing
  • Wildlife or Nature Viewing
  • Trail Friendly Business


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