Thompson's Harbor State Park - Birding Sites

    Natural or Wildlife Viewing Features:

    The park is located adjacent to US-23 about 12.8 miles east of Rogers City and 23 miles north of Alpena, turn onto the marked access road to the park (again, motor vehicle permit required for entry). Go for a half mile, and then turn right and go 0.6 miles to the Trailhead.

    From here there are several well marked trails looping out towards Lake Huron. Like Hoeft State Park, this is a good birding site in the spring, summer and fall. In addition to many of the same nesting species that Hoeft has, Northern Parulas nest here.

    A June early morning walk is an auditory challenge to the visiting birdwatcher! Hunting is allowed in season, so dress appropriately if you are here during October and November. State park motor vehicle permit or recreational passport is required for entry.


    Source: Thunder Bay Audubon Society


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