Cheboygan State Park Trail

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  • Length: 6.67 mi
  • Surface: Natural
  • Terrain: Hilly 5%, Moderate 15%, Flat 80%
  • Organization: Michigan DNR
  • Trail Website:

Cheboygan State Park has a system of well-marked trails that provide access to scenic Lake Huron vistas and glimpses of rare wildflowers. One of the main focal points of the park is the site of the Cheboygan Point Lighthouse, where all that is left is the foundation of this once operating lighthouse. The trail system consists of seven miles of trails, used for primarily for hiking.  Six miles of those of those trails are groomed in the winter and used by cross-country ski enthusiasts. says, "Acre for acre, Cheboygan State Park might be one of most underused units in the Lower Peninsula. The park has 6 miles of trails and this hike is the perimeter of the system, a 5.5-mile trek that begins and ends at the campground and includes what was once known as the Lighthouse Ruins Trail. The highlight of any hike in the park is the excellent coastal scenery that includes several offshore lighthouses, miles of beachcombing, and the ruins of an 1859 lighthouse." Click here for trail maps!


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  • Trail Head
  • Historical Site
  • Beach
  • Natural Feature
  • Campground
  • Park
  • Cultural Interest
  • Scenic View
  • Educational Interest
  • Visitor Center
  • Emergency Care
  • Water Access
  • Fishing
  • Wildlife or Nature Viewing
  • Trail Friendly Business

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