Louis M Groen Nature Preserve

This trail is good for Hiking Biking XC Skiing Horseback Riding

  • Length: 14.43 mi
  • Organization: Otsego County Parks & Recreation
  • Trail Website: otsegocountymi.gov
  • Local Tourism Bureau: gaylordmichigan.net
  • Nearby Town: Gaylord
  • Gaylord is a trail-friendly town which offers many opportunities for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and motorized trail riding.

A Nature Preserve east of Gaylord consisting of 14+ miles of trails including hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and equestrian!

Equestrian Use Rules: Equestrian uses allowed on the first and third Sunday of each month during Daylight Savings - Biking will not be allowed on those days

The Story of Mr. Groen (text from Otsego County Parks & Recreation) Mr. Groen is noted as inventing the Filet-o- Fish sandwich for McDonald’s in Cincinnati in 1961. By the time he retired he owned 43 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Mr. Groen told Ray Kroc, McDonald’s founder, that they need to sell a fish sandwich on Fridays in the Catholic dominated Cincinnati area. Mr. Kroc told Mr. Groen he didn’t want his franchise smelling like fish. In the spirit of competition they made a bet, Mr. Groen would sell his fish sandwich and Mr. Kroc would sell a Hula burger, a piece of pineapple with cheese on a bun., Mr. Groen outsold Mr. Kroc’s Hula burger and the Filet-o-Fish has been on the menu ever since. Mr. Groen loved and enjoyed this property for 22 years with his wife Edna. Sadly, Mr. Groen passed away at the age of 93, leaving the property he loved to Otsego County to be used as a nature preserve for the enjoyment of the community, especially its children. The site was the location of the Johannesburg Manufacturing Company for which the town was named after.


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