Shingle Mill Pathway

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  • Length: 12.88 mi
  • Surface: Natural
  • Terrain: Steep 2%, Hilly 5%, Moderate 48%, Flat 45%
  • Organization: Michigan DNR
  • Trail Website:

Biking in the Pigeon River Country - the Shingle Mill Pathway is a series of trail loops for hikers, cross-country skiers and mountain bikers ranging in elevation from 900 to 1,100 feet above sea level. Horses and snowmobiles are not permitted on the Shingle Mill Pathway. All the loops begin at Pigeon Bridge Campground on Sturgeon Valley Road, eleven miles east of Vanderbilt. The pathways include five segments, each varying in length from 0.75 mile up to twelve miles. The longest loops cross the Pigeon River, venturing north to Grass Lake and beyond. The longer loops have steep hills. Though most of the Shingle Mill Pathway is not along a former railroad bed, a small segment (0.3 mile) uses a railroad right-of-way. The trail ranges from hard packed to loose sand to mad-made wooden planks! The Shingle Mill can be quite challenging in places, but it crosses several roads so short cuts back to camp are usually possible! Click here for trail maps!


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  • Trail Head
  • Historical Site
  • Beach
  • Natural Feature
  • Campground
  • Park
  • Cultural Interest
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  • Visitor Center
  • Emergency Care
  • Water Access
  • Fishing
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