Up North Trails…Our Trails Take You Farther.

A true trails destination….over 5,300 miles of trails await you in Northern Michigan! Whether you are a hiker, bicyclist, skier, horseback rider, ORVer, or snowmobiler, thousands of miles of trails await discovery Up North. Our vast network of trails is just a click away. Discover trails that suit your needs, read about the trail systems, view photos, and click on trail segments to find out even more. Don’t forget to light up Points of Interest and Nearby Trails to discover amazing things to see and do around your chosen trail!

Who are "Up North Trails"?

The Up North Trails Collaborative is a coalition of 53 organizations in Northern Michigan with the goal of promoting all trail systems together for all trail users. The coalition is led by the Top of Michigan Trails Council, Northeast Michigan Council of Governments, Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Land Information Access Association, Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation Trails (TART), the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, and Cheboygan County. A special thanks to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Rotatry Charities, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for their generous financial support of this project. To view a full list of participating groups, please click here.

Where are the Upper Peninsula Trails?

Well, we'll say that we had to start somewhere. This website idea was born in the northern Lower Peninsula, and first we wanted to see if we could actually put over 5,000 miles of trails on an interactive map along with detailed trail data, include search features based on trail use, community, and trail name AND upload thousands of points of interest. Now that we have accomplished what we set out to do, there's no stopping us! Since funding was available in the northern Lower first, that is what we tackled. The next phase will span the Mackinac Bridge and light up those trails in the beautiful U.P.!

Also, if you are wondering why the trails stop south of Cadillac, read above!

What else are we planning?

All we can say is to check back often! We've already got a list of features and upgrades we are planning. We wanted to light up our new website to get you out on those trails as quickly as possible. Now, it's time for our work to continue to bring you features such as Plan Your Itinerary, feedback/rating of trails, community information, and that all-important local business info so that you know just where to go for that local taste of Northern Michigan and a great place to stay!

Can I send you my trail photos?

We would LOVE to put your trail photos online on the website or on our Facebook page. If you submit photos, please let us know your name, the trail name, and location of the trail (or section you are on). Use the contact us link on the front page.

Why can't I see the trail lines?

Sometimes, with a website that serves up as much data as this, things happen! If you can't see the trails you need, first make sure you clicked the "Go" button. If that doesn't work, try switching browsers. Some versions of Internet Explorer might not work well with this site. Try switching to Chrome or Firefox and see if that solves the problem.

Why do I see Snowmobile Trails appearing when I searched for ORV trails? 

In the real world, some of these trails systems share segments where both uses are allowed. While these might be few and far between, the existence of even a tiny segment of snowmobile trail that shares its space with an ORV trail will cause that whole snowmobile trail to come up during an ORV search (and vice versa). That is why we urge you to click on the trail name and look at the trail detail page. Turn on "Nearby Trails" as well!. If you are looking for ORV trails and you see a pop-up bubble with a snowmobile trail name, that's probably not the trail you want to click on. Look for nearby trails that are have the name "Trail & Route" - these are the true ORV trails. Same for snowmobile trails - if you see the "Atlanta Trail & Route" come up, then you'll want to keep clicking until you see something named "Snowmobile Trail". Remember, this is a trip planning and promotional site! Please use the official DNR maps to determine where it is legal to ride - that is why we provide you the links to the print maps. ONLY the official DNR print maps give the final word on where to ride! 

I see trails that are missing!

Even though we made every effort to include all trails (federal, state and local) on this site, we are sure there are more trails to add. Shoot us an email (using the contact us link on the front page) if you know of a trail that is missing and we'll make an effort to get it online. We'll try to keep you updated on which trails are coming online and when:

Trails to be added in the coming weeks:

1. Old Mission Park

2. Groen Nature Preserve

3. Otsego Lake State Park

4. Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

5. Skegemog Pathway

6. Shore to Shore Trail (north segment) - extension of trail from Stoney Creek Trail Camp to Mackinaw.

7. Red Pine Natural Area Trails

8. Magoon Creek Natural Area Trails